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September 2022


Dear Friends,


Isn’t it amazing how much joy we find in giving to others?


I am grateful for your deep commitment to the ministry of this congregation. Your leadership in generosity contributes to the thriving of our community of faith and its on-going effort to be a faithful witness for Jesus Christ. Thank you for giving!


Providing gifts that feed the hungry, cloth the naked, care for the sick, minister to those in prison and create safe shelter for those without is not simply a mandate of the Gospel (Matthew 25), but it is who we are as people created in the image of a generous God. A God who has been revealed to us in Christ as One who deeply and passionately loves us. 


The Gospel really is good news – news that transforms us.


- To love God and love others

- To know our life and what we do in life matters to God

- To support the mission of God with our time, talents, and tithe


It is time to prayerfully consider your 2023 pledge, as we prepare with vigor and passion for the work of First Christian Church next year. Giving in the manner that you do does not simply happen; it is the result of faith, trust, intentional choices and a life of discipline. In a few weeks, we will ask for your pledge. Thank you for modeling this way of being a person of faith.


We join you in the hope of creating a culture of seeking, sharing, and serving Christ in all that we do.  


Many Blessings,

Pastor Sara Coons

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