2019-20 Dale and Leora Fasnacht Scholarship Application


If you would like to be considered for a Dale and Leora Fasnacht Education Scholarship for the 2019-20 school year, please proved the following to Pastor Steven either through the form below or by dropping it off at the Church Office.  The deadline for applications is August 25th!



You must be an Active Member or immediate family of an Active Member (Parent/Child)

Provide proof of enrollment at an institution of Higher Education - A copy of your upcoming Class Schedule - Hand Copy in to Church Office

What degree/major are you pursuing?

What is your projected graduation date?

How many hours are you taking (Part or Full-time Student)?


Answer the following two prompts (up to a single page formatted Times New Roman 12pt double-spaced for each answer):


What role does faith play in your daily life?


How will/does your schooling influence your faith?


Many Blessings,

Pastor Steven


The Scholarship Committee will contact you once we have met and determined the amount to be distributed.

Your details were sent successfully!