What's Up Youth?!?

This is an update for parents! We have started a few new things with the youth this month! We know kids can get bored in service sometimes, we've all been there. There will be activity sheets on clipboards outside the sanctuary on the table for the kids to doodle on that are themed to go along with the message so that the kids can engage in the service more. Don't worry about your kids fidgeting and making noise, we welcome it! We love to see the youth participating and being in worship with us!

Junior Church has been a great success so far! Last Sunday we had 13 youth participating and it was a great lesson time on what we need to do to be a good Steward!

We have begun a memory verse board! Each Sunday there will be a memory verse given and explained to the kids. Each Sunday they come back and can say the verse and explain what it is about they will get a point on the board to earn fun prizes! Please take time each week to work with your kids on this and to help them better understand what the verses mean (this is a great dinner time conversation!) If your kids cannot be in Sunday service they can still keep up with the verses so they can get their points! The verses will be posted online to the page weekly with a brief explanation so just hop on and help them learn!

Remember the point is not to mindlessly memorize but the understand and learn!

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